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Righteousness to career and life is what Indian Students need

Every person’s life starts with schooling, the very basic standard of life and livelihood. To have an impeccable career, one has to be based with a strong foundation. SVM is one of its kinds to make the student’s career in an outstanding pace. Righteousness to the various hurdles in the life is what taught at SVM. Sports and Academics are anyways all on the path for the students to excel and master the subjects they learn. With an equal intelligence, the mindset of the students is set in a way that they can easily handle multi tasking giving a very proper importance to every aspect of the students life and career.

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Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is the core area of research these days. In this era of computers, experts are conducting research and development in this sector. It allows the machine to act and work just like humans do. It provides increased capabilities to perform the tasks associated with human mind. It equips the computers or robots with optical character recognition, understanding of human speech, higher order strategic capacity, problem solving ability, logic or artificial neural networks, reasoning, representation etc. In other words it forges biological processes with technology.

Machines have sensors such as advanced cameras, microphones, wireless signals including tactile sensors, which help it in recognition. Application also includes recognition of objects, facial expression, speech etc. NLP - Natural language processing gives machine the ability to read and understand human language. Google’s AI, Apple’s Siri and Alexa are some names in the field of artificial Intelligence.

In October 2017, Sophia was the first humanoid robot to have the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This was a huge step in the field of artificial intelligence. Very soon then will robots replace soldiers in army? In fact, robots have already started replacing humans in sectors like restaurants and housekeeping etc.

The scope of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. The question lies whether we human beings are ready to deal with their onslaught? Will our own creation soon be remote controlling us?

Triyasha Muramkar, Class – IX A


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“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!”  

This is one of my favourite quotes from the movie ‘Superman’. Superheroes have always been an important part of my life. Their cool fighting styles, high intellect and incredible moves have got me obsessed over them. They have taught me many important life lessons. Whether it is the comics, movies, TV shows, short films, they are all important to me.

In our world also there is a lot of evil. From petty thieves to heavily armed suicide bombers. Listening to stories about terrorists destroying massive buildings and killing millions just makes me want superpowers, something like flying or running with super speed or just holding powerful tech and defeat enemies with it.

Just being lost in my world of imagination soothes me. Creating imaginary fights between different superheroes just keeps me occupied for hours.  What if Batman fights Ironman? What if Wonder woman goes against Thor Odinson? Such a world is so exciting and incredible!

Even in the late 1900s, superheroes like Phantom and The Spock took over the world. In early 2000s, there were Luke skywalker and Batman and today we have Spiderman and the Wolverine. I am sure in the near future we will have many more superheroes whom we will adore. The superheroes have left their mark in ways that leave us spellbound, from fighting in the outer space to time travelling.

When I return to my real world, I realize that even though superheroes don’t exist for real, they will always be in our heart. They were with us, are with us and will be with us forever.


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Elections - Everybody's Responsibility

As Gopal Krishna Gandhi, a scholar of Indian origin and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, aptly said, “India is valued world over for a great many things, but for three, over the others : The Taj Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi and India’s electoral democracy.”

India is a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC country and the largest democracy in the world. Indian national elections have been the largest electoral exercise in the world ever since the first national elections in 1952. Moreover the cultural and religious diversity of the Indian society, as well as the federal nature of the Indian sub-continent, make this event a particularly complex one. What, then, have been the methodologies and approaches deployed to study this major political event? In what form have these been publicized and what type of readers have they targeted? These are a few questions that arise in our mind. Therefore a process known as “Election Studies” has been introduced for conducting and controlling of the electoral process in India.

Conducting elections in India isn’t an easy task. It is estimated that almost 50,000 crores would  be spent in the 2019 elections of India. Another problem that arises is the increased level of political competition. Indian election candidates have a very small victory probability of 12-13% while American election candidates have a probability of almost 40%. Also there is a weak regulatory system to curb the usage of money in politics.

The Constitution of India gives every adult (18 years or above of age) the right to choose representatives through exercising the right to vote. There are no conditions attached to this right. The framers of the Constitution were very well aware of the importance of free and fair elections in a democracy. The Constitution as such provides for an Election Commission not answerable to the executive. The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the President and is assisted by a number of other Election Commissioners. To ease the process, the whole country is divided into constituencies. Voters select a single candidate by marking against the candidate of their choice or through electronic voting machines. The candidate who secures the highest number of votes is declared elected.

Even when the facility of voting is available to all, many still don’t choose to vote. A majority of the non-voters are from the upper class and the middle class. As they have proper facilities, they can easily get anything they want thus they don’t depend upon the government. Many give excuses such as “I love democracy but I hate politics…” Many just can’t vote because of their immigration status while many choose not to vote because they just aren’t inspired enough by the candidates.

However, India is a democracy. People have the right to choose their leader and they should use it to its full extent. We have the right to select whom we want as a leader and remove others from that throne. Each person can cast one vote and that vote counts. Even when we think that there is an endless sea of people, we must use our right to vote. If one prefers ‘none of the candidates’ then they can press the NOTA button but it is necessary to cast one’s vote.

When the forefathers of our country were drafting the Constitution, they wanted the people to have the maximum rights. Thus the system of election was born in India. Our power to vote is our authority over the country and we have the right to use it to our full extent. So, come what may, vote and choose the correct leader, the one who will change the face of India and make it an international superpower. It is time for India to wake up.

Eshaan Nair

X - A

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ISOLATE THE SOCIAL ANIMAL IN US!!! In the last week of 2019, everyone was enjoying Christmas. Houses were decorated and Mariah Carey was on the top of the music charts. But in the animal market in Wuhan, China, a new virus was discovered that would soon be the most fear – inducing subject of 2020. The year 2020, up until now hasn’t been a pleasing ride. With conspiracies about a third world war and the scary Australian bushfires being such viral news, the discovery of an epidemic was very shadowed… up until March. That was when this tiny microscopic organism called COVID – 19 or Corona Virus Disease (2019) started its unpleasant journey around the world. From Italy to the Americas and even to so very remote locations like Greenland. This virus has wrecked havoc. All offices and institutes are shut down. Barely anyone is out on the roads. People are only hoping they don’t come in contact with any infected person. From this day, 25th March 2020, India has gone into quarantine because of this virus, and people fear that this plague might just end the human existence on Earth. China is found to be the epicenter of such endemics and all because of its animal markets. Even in the early 2000s, a virus similar to this one was found in another animal market in China. A vast variety of animals, from peacocks to pangolins are sold here. They’re stacked one over another in cages, and thus the sweat, blood and wastes of all the animals placed on top fall on the ones at the bottom. These animals may contain mutated germs, which when consumed by humans, can cause such havoc as we see now. Worldwide as well, people resorted to a very eccentric approach to the news of the virus. Stores were flooded, carts filled with toilet paper were rolled out. A vast majority of the millennial and “Gen Z” find such acts quite humorous. Social media is packed with memes and posts about corona virus and discussions about it are endless. Every chat room has people talking about conditions about COVID – 19 in their countries and many even find it as an exaggeration considering that it only has a mortality rate of 2%. The only way to avoid this is social distancing. Stay away from others physically, as much as possible and try connecting with them technologically. Usage of certain items such as hand wash soaps, sanitizers and masks is essential. The world has survived many plagues such as the Spanish flu, the common cold and even the scary bubonic plague and a technologically advanced community such as ours must not be afraid of such germs. We must follow every procedure to avoid them and ensure safety of all. Eshaan Nair Class X A

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