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 About Sharda Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School Bhopal


  Since its founding in 1987, the school has been an unifying social force. A co-educational English medium school, it is based on the philosophy of providing quality education and seeks to equip pupils to a life of personal and professional achievement.
Pupils are motivated to explore issues and gain an in-depth understanding and factual knowledge of the subject concept.



 Our Vision


 Our Mission

Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers.

Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees.

Where the vision is eternity,cultivate people.

This was vision with which Sharda Vidya Mandir came into existence more than thirty years ago.


The school aims to inculcate in the children a love for this country and an understanding and appreciation of its culture and heritage. It strives to promote responsible adulthood and citizenship by instilling in young minds moral and ethical values.

    Our Location


    Our Motto

The school is situated on 5 acres land on a state highway amidst picturesque hillocks and lake. It is quiet, open to nature and away from the congestion-polluted atmosphere of urban and industrial centres while at the same time being easily accessible by a broad asphalted road. Conveyance facility is arranged by the school to transport the children to   and from the school. Teachers using school transport and attendants ensure safe journey of the students.


Karishye Vachnam Tav means Do as directed, We create a happy and secure environment in which every pupil can realize his full academic potential and future dreams through a judicious combination of regulated freedom and restricted discipline under our vigilant and benevolent yet strict supervision and control. We believe that guided efforts lead to a better future.

 From The Desk Of Our Founder

Mrs. SavithriNatarajan
At Sharda Vidya Mandir we work hard for a United, Secular India a modern nation, a productive people and above all a humane and caring society.
Ethics and morality form the foundation on which our school is built. We do not regard mere acquisition of knowledge as the sole aim of education, far more important is the building up of character. Knowledge is power. But we emphasis on character which acts as the reins to control power. We nurture the positive attitudes of enthusiasm, optimism, service and cheerfulness in the children for honing their skills.

One of the most poignant experiences of my life arises when I am approached by desperate parents who plead pathetically with me to chastise their teenagers and to reform them using any method at my disposal and discretion. They are the parents who have spared the rod and spoilt their children.

The task of bringing up children is a pleasurable yet responsible, an exciting yet exacting job. One does not receive any formal training for this work. It is mainly an outcome of the high standards of upbringing that one inherits from his parents and ancestors. People think that to bring up a child lovingly means to shower not only affection and love but giving him everything he wants. But this is not so. Children should be made to realize that what they ask for, and get, is well deserved and ample hard work has been done by the parent to procure the same. They should be trained to do hard work for being achievers. In his letter to his sons teacher, Abraham Lincoln has said Teach him that a dollar earned is of far more value than five found. Treat him gently but do not cuddle him because only the test of fire makes fine steel. The children should be taught to fulfill their responsibilities towards their parent, towards their families, towards their school and all members of the society, and try to uphold the noble traditions of their family by imbibing the sublime values taught to them.