ISOLATE THE SOCIAL ANIMAL IN US!!! In the last week of 2019, everyone was enjoying Christmas. Houses were decorated and Mariah Carey was on the top of the music charts. But in the animal market in Wuhan, China, a new virus was discovered that would soon be the most fear – inducing subject of 2020. The year 2020, up until now hasn’t been a pleasing ride. With conspiracies about a third world war and the scary Australian bushfires being such viral news, the discovery of an epidemic was very shadowed… up until March. That was when this tiny microscopic organism called COVID – 19 or Corona Virus Disease (2019) started its unpleasant journey around the world. From Italy to the Americas and even to so very remote locations like Greenland. This virus has wrecked havoc. All offices and institutes are shut down. Barely anyone is out on the roads. People are only hoping they don’t come in contact with any infected person. From this day, 25th March 2020, India has gone into quarantine because of this virus, and people fear that this plague might just end the human existence on Earth. China is found to be the epicenter of such endemics and all because of its animal markets. Even in the early 2000s, a virus similar to this one was found in another animal market in China. A vast variety of animals, from peacocks to pangolins are sold here. They’re stacked one over another in cages, and thus the sweat, blood and wastes of all the animals placed on top fall on the ones at the bottom. These animals may contain mutated germs, which when consumed by humans, can cause such havoc as we see now. Worldwide as well, people resorted to a very eccentric approach to the news of the virus. Stores were flooded, carts filled with toilet paper were rolled out. A vast majority of the millennial and “Gen Z” find such acts quite humorous. Social media is packed with memes and posts about corona virus and discussions about it are endless. Every chat room has people talking about conditions about COVID – 19 in their countries and many even find it as an exaggeration considering that it only has a mortality rate of 2%. The only way to avoid this is social distancing. Stay away from others physically, as much as possible and try connecting with them technologically. Usage of certain items such as hand wash soaps, sanitizers and masks is essential. The world has survived many plagues such as the Spanish flu, the common cold and even the scary bubonic plague and a technologically advanced community such as ours must not be afraid of such germs. We must follow every procedure to avoid them and ensure safety of all. Eshaan Nair Class X A