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Dear Parents,
We are once again caught in this web of challenges and uncertainty. These times have brought closure for schools and significant shifts from our normal daily routines. It is very natural for us, the educators and elders of the society, to be concerned about the academic graph of our children. But let us all keep our morale high and focus on the bigger picture. This is the time to remain safe, healthy and within a safety bubble. It is the time for building strong family relationships, reaching out to neighbours, friends and others in your community to check in, offer support and connect virtually. We will get through this together.
Our school too geared up to face the challenge of adapting to remote teaching and learning process. Our teachers are working tirelessly to meet the needs of all their students to the best of their ability. Session 2021-22 started on 5th April 21 in virtual mode and regular online classes continued till 30th April 21 when, in accordance with the government directives, Summer Vacations were declared. To keep the children in a learning mode during this vacation time, every day subject - wise practice worksheets for classes from Nursery to X and XII are being regularly uploaded on the school website. You are requested to please guide your ward in completing the task assigned for the day.
During this pandemic, parents should focus on playtime, downtime and family time. They can help develop critical thinking skills, reading skills, problem solving skills, communication skills as well as resilience and positive coping in their children. Encourage them to remain connected with their friends through phone calls or messages because they are likely be missing this aspect of school more than we elders realize. They should be encouraged to do small household chores which will not only make them more dexterous but also foster responsibility and independence. This is the best time to inculcate the habit of reading newspapers and books.
If you set up a routine that includes formal or informal learning for your child she/he will be better prepared for returning to the classroom and thrive in school and out. So be gentle on yourself and patient with your kids. Have empathy for teachers and express your gratitude for them and school. Remain indoors with family and stay healthy.
Vinay Agrawal
Sharda Vidya Mandir