Rules & Regulation
    The students are tested in (a) English, Maths and Hindi (Std. I to V) (b) English, Maths, Science and Hindi (Std. VI      to X) (c) English and Elective subjects (XI and XII)
    There shall be one paper in each of the above mentioned disciplines. The duration of each paper shall be of one      hour.
    The child will be tested on the knowledge of class he / she is studying at the time of the entrance test.      The test will not be based on any specific text book, but shall be based on the general level of the class.
    Parents are required to submit photocopy of the previous years annual report card along with the registration     forms.
    Please bring three passport size photographs of the child, these are required for the admission slip,
       one to be submitted with the admission form and one with the transport form. The transport form will be
       issued on admission.
    For admission to class II and higher classes, parents are requested to produce a Transfer Certificate from the    child’s previous school duly endorsed by the concerned District Education Officer before the admission can be    confirmed.

                School buses ply on most of the routes. Students of class XI and XII are permitted to use a two wheeler for commuting to school, only if they have a valid license. It is compulsory for students using two wheelers to wear helmets.

School Hours and Discipline

Pupils are expected to be in school by 7:45 a.m.  The school gate will be closed at 8:00 a.m. No pupil will leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission. No pupil should be absent from school without prior application or telephonic intimation from parent or guardian stating the reasons for absence.

If a student is absent from school for more than two weeks without any intimation his or her name will be struck off the rolls. Non fulfillment of minimum attendance can  disqualify  a pupil from taking the final examination. At least one months notice must be given before withdrawing a child from school. Transfer certificate will not be issued until all sums due to the school have been paid.

School uniform is compulsory and students who are not properly dressed can be refused to admission to the classroom. It is compulsory for every child to wear the house badge and I-card.

Regular Uniform:

Boys :
Nursery to Std. V : Light blue checks terrycot half sleeves shirt, one pocket with a flap and a collar. Navy blue terrycot shorts. Black Leather shoes, blue socks, blue tie and blue belt
Std. VI to XII : Light blue checks terrycot half sleeves shirt, one pocket with a flap and a collar. Navy blue terrycot full pant. Black leather shoes, blue socks, blue tie and blue belt.
Girls :
Nursery to Std. V : Light blue terrycot checks blouse with short sleeves and a tie collar. Navy blue tunics with ‘V’ neck and black ribbon, black leather shoes, blue socks, blue tie and blue belt
Std. VI to XII : Navy Blue Salwar, Light blue checks, Terrycot Kameez and dark blue dupatta, black leather shoes, blue socks, blue tie and blue belt.


Boys :
Nursery to Std. V : House T-Shirt (white), white shorts, white canvas shoes and white socks, blue tie, blue belt
Std. VI to XII : House T-Shirt(white), white full pant, white canvas shoes and white socks, blue tie, blue belt
Girls :
Nursery to std. V : House T-Shirt (white), white divided skirt and bloomer, white canvas shoes, white socks and white ribbon.
Std. VI to XII : White Salvar Kameez with white dupatta, white canvas shoes, White socks

Winter Uniform Nov. to Feb. :

    In addition to the above V neck navy blue pullover and Blazer are compulsory
    Trousers (full pants) are not allowed for Nur, KG-I and KG-II children. They must wear stockings during winter      season

Promotions will be decided on the results of the annual examination and the year’s record or work.

Appearing for the final examination is necessary. In case of illness a doctor’s certificate must be sent to the Principal. Sick students who pass on the year’s work will not do any test. Parents / Guardians must follow up child’s progress in her / his studies. If after three warnings, a student shows no progress what so ever, parents will be asked to seek admission elsewhere for the child.

Streams and Subject Combination for Classes XI and XII

Stream I II Elective Subject III IV
Science (PCB) Physics Chemistry Biology Hindi / Sanskrit / IP / Physical Education
Science (PCM) Physics Chemistry Maths Hindi / Sanskrit / IP / Physical Education
Commerce Accounts Business St. Economics Hindi / Sanskrit / Maths / IP / Physical Education

There can be no substitute for the warmth and love of a mother. A child of two years who has just learnt to steady his steps, seeks  the protective hands of his parents who give him both emotional and physical security.
Our foundation schools look beyond and take a step ahead. Our teachers not only take care of their emotional and physical well being, but they tend to their intellectual and cognitive development as well. Our pre primary schools are schools without tears which facilitate the entry of angelic children beaming and smiling – a rare sight indeed!.  
We have two pre-primary schools one at M.I.G. M/A-131, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal and the other at Barkhedi Kalan situated at the campus of our main school. Since the concept of neighbourhood school is picking up fast we have plans to open another pre primary school at Chuna bhatti, which will start functioning from the coming academic year. The reputation which we have built up has led to the increasing and persistent demands from parents for spreading our wings at Trilanga and Misrod, which we hope to fulfill in the near future.

Three to five years of age is the period when half of the blueprint of the child’s future is laid. Hence, we have provided total infrastructure for the physical and mental development of children. Our qualified teachers have a sound knowledge of child development and multiple teaching strategies besides an insight into children’s learning styles.

We have a modern learning place equipped with attractive furniture, educational toys and play things to purposefully occupy the kids, facilities to train children to be fit and trim, drinking water arrangements, toilet blocks and a lovely garden. Apart from an ideal student-teacher ratio, care is taken to ensure general cleanliness safety and hygiene in the school.

Strong emphasis is laid on group learning, skills development and teaching the children about the world one lives in. There are art and painting sessions to boost the creativity of the child, building blocks to help develop motor skill, and story telling and puppet shows to fire his imagination. On the finer side, there is lot of music and dance to stimulate an instinct for appreciation of arts and culture in the child’s mind. Playing together, singing songs, sharing toys, outings and picnics are some of the tricks our teachers employ for making the child learn the values of socialization.