Teaching And Learning

Pupils learn in a caring and secure environment and achieve high standards. Their work is regularly marked with detailed records maintained on their progress. The school believes that education should go beyond instilling knowledge and should seek to foster the capacity to go on learning. Teaching methods are a key to high educational standards. Based on this focus, the school adopts the method known as interactive teaching. Here a teacher explains a topic to the whole class, posing questions as she proceeds to make sure that the children are following the lesson. Those who fall behind are given extra attention. That every child is meritorious and is capable of excelling is our basic tenet. The motivation and progress of children are assisted by an ethos conductive to learning. At the same time efforts are made to promote the sort of creativity and individuality people associate with western education. There are visits to science centres, discussions, debates and competitions providing opportunities to children to develop their thinking faculty and expand their horizons of knowledge. Our emphasis remains focused on the all round development of the students while maintaining our place as a premier academic institution. Along with pursuing a sustained literacy and numeracy strategy, attention is paid to other areas of intellectual and personal development which are equally important. Special efforts are made to spot talented kids and give them a nudge in the right direction; encourage the smart to get smarter. It is also ensured that the system of testing pupils does not inhibit their imagination but supports their creative and cultural education. Their high standard of performance bears ample testimony to the quality of teaching and learning. In Board Examinations, all students have passed in first division, with many, scoring distinction. Our academic programme offers challenging opportunities to students at all levels. Classroom work is marked by lively debates and discussions to keep students interest alive, broaden their mind and widen their horizon. The study of maths aims at developing the qualities of strategy and problem solving. On the other hand, the language and arts teaching is based on fostering wide reading, analytical thinking and precise expression of ideas both verbally and in writing. Science curriculum promotes scientific enquiry and a strong knowledge of the scientific method. Technology is a crucial component with a well equipped computer wing and AV room being utilized for instruction and honing science skills for developing projects.