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Painting – A Stress Buster - Eshaan Nair IX - A

Painting – A Stress Buster

  • Eshaan Nair  IX - A

We all remember our childhood days when we were given a sheet of paper and were told to draw anything we like. We would draw animals, people, etc but the most memorable masterpiece was the sceneries we made. The triangular mountains with the semi – circular Sun peeping from behind them, The sky covered with clouds and V – shaped birds, the disproportionate tree with apples and mangoes hanging from them, the beautiful hut near the tree and a river flowing by with fishes swimming. These are memories we can never forget. However, the older we grow, the more we forget how fun and enjoyable art is.

Very few of us explore this subject. It slowly moves down our priority list. In our hectic schedule of academics, sports, coachings, we forget about the importance of art and crafts in our life. But do people know that art is a great stress buster? Yes, art is a great stress buster and the reason behind this came in the form of an award winning study called “The Art of Being Mentally Healthy” by Dr. Christina Davies which was able to qualify the relationship between arts and mental health with actual evidence.

Arts engagement harnesses the creativity of the mind, visualization skills, critical thinking skills, motor skills and comprehension of the materials one is working with. The results are quite compelling and speak volumes for the need to promote and encourage the pursuit of arts and crafts.

Every child is born with his/her own creativity in different areas but slowly it dies under the pressure of studies. If art is explored, then one can see wonders taking shape on a mere sheet of paper or canvas. Even if a child makes irregular shapes which are meant to be animals, plants or human figures it should be encouraged as it is that child’s creativity. Rather than being rejected, it should be understood and praised. Art is a real stress buster if it is practiced and taken along with our daily chores.  It should be a part of our life and awareness should be created amongst children and elders, as we never know who would be the next Picasso or Michelangelo.  

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Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is the core area of research these days. In this era of computers, experts are conducting research and development in this sector. It allows the machine to act and work just like humans do. It provides increased capabilities to perform the tasks associated with human mind. It equips the computers or robots with optical character recognition, understanding of human speech, higher order strategic capacity, problem solving ability, logic or artificial neural networks, reasoning, representation etc. In other words it forges biological processes with technology.

Machines have sensors such as advanced cameras, microphones, wireless signals including tactile sensors, which help it in recognition. Application also includes recognition of objects, facial expression, speech etc. NLP - Natural language processing gives machine the ability to read and understand human language. Google’s AI, Apple’s Siri and Alexa are some names in the field of artificial Intelligence.

In October 2017, Sophia was the first humanoid robot to have the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This was a huge step in the field of artificial intelligence. Very soon then will robots replace soldiers in army? In fact, robots have already started replacing humans in sectors like restaurants and housekeeping etc.

The scope of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. The question lies whether we human beings are ready to deal with their onslaught? Will our own creation soon be remote controlling us?

Triyasha Muramkar, Class – IX A

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